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Apple: The New Microsoft?

June 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Jacky Abromitis

I recently read two equally interesting, yet very different opinions, on Apple – in particular, on the iPhone and iPad.

I first read “It’s Apple vs. Google in the New Phone Fight.” I have been a PC user for about 20 years. My first computer was the Apple IIc back in the mid 80s. Many educators will remember the IIc and IIe fondly, as do I. As a graduate student, I coveted the IIe but had to settle for a refurbished IIc. I’ll never forget my first “search and replace.” It rocked my world personally and professionally. I was an advocate of integrating technology in education from that moment.

As we all know, Microsoft came along and Apple microcomputers became the minority. PCs were so much cheaper, and on a teacher’s salary, I caved to the checkbook and went PC. However, I have become terribly disgruntled with PCs over the past several years. I was recently talking to an HP tech who said the rule of thumb was you should reinstall your Microsoft operating system (on laptops) every two years. Seriously. I know from personal experience that my all decked out and loaded for bear computers only last a few years. I don’t have hardware failures; I just get frustrated with conflicting programs, programs that no longer work, fighting viruses, and – mostly – sloooooowwww computers. I get frustrated and buy a new one, spending several days loading programs and transferring data. Read more…

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