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Best Practices — Creating an Inviting, Warm Learning Environment

July 1, 2009

In the past ten years or so, I’ve mentored over 50 instructors for Abromitis Online Learning. Some of these teachers, especially in the earlier years, had never taught online. I have shared many “tips” with our instructors, but one that I feel is critical is to create a warm, inviting “climate” in the online class.

In my online readings, I came across this article that hits upon many of the points I have made with our teachers.

Particularly in classes with adult students, it’s absolutely necessary to create an environment that is comfortable, warm, welcoming. Many adult learners have never taken an online class. It can be intimidating and sterile–all in all, a very foreign experience. The class instructor needs to be take extra steps in the first days of class to set the tone and create a comfortable place for all.

I have seen the difference creating a warm learning environment makes in student attitude and success. It is more than worth the efforts of the instructors.

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